Gold Star Pendant | Pink, Blue, Yellow (Code: SILVERSDM09)

The colorful gold star pendant is the kind of jewelry that shines with different colours and meanings depending on who looks at it: maybe it's blue of the sea's reflected light, maybe it's pink like a tender emotion, maybe again yellow like the joy from a new experience. 

We've crafted 3 models of colorful gold star pendant as part of our Charms collection: a Blue Gold Star Pendant, a Pink Gold Star Pendant, and a Yellow Gold Star Pendant. Specify which one you want at the moment of your order and we'll deliver it to you stat in our packaging.

You can combine the colorful gold star pendant with a fine gold or silver chain, or perhaps a string; it can also beautify a custom bracelet as a medal.

The colorful gold star pendant is made of enameled white gold; tiny zirconia frame it and create a smaller star in the bosom of the larger one.

Colorful Gold Star Pendant Product Reference Code: SILVERSDM08

Manufacturer: DM Jewelry
Old price: 85.00 EUR
Price : 60.00 EUR
Gender : Unisex
Typology :
Material : Gold
Not available
Spedizione Standard € 5.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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