Minimal Pop Flexible Rose Gold Ring (Code: 20068989)

The Minimal Pop collection offers a selection of fresh and always surprising jewelry you'll mix to tell and show who you are. Easy to wear with every outfit, they are a great present to celebrate friendship and love, your friends' achievement and your own. The iconic Salvini charms - heart, butterfly, four-leaves clover, and cross - in yellow, rose, and white gold beautify bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with small diamonds and pearls. 

Flexible rose gold ring by Salvini's Minimal Pop Collection for sale at Silver's with a 10% discount. This ring is crafted in bands of 9 kt rose gold and bears Salvini's signature, a 0,01 ct brilliant-cut diamonds.

This flexible gold ring, like every piece of jewelry by Salvini, is designed to be worn every day and on special occasions both. For this reason, Salvini provides you with an official 3-year warranty against theft and mugging.

Product Reference Code: 20068991

Manufacturer: Salvini Jewelry
Old price: 198.00 EUR
Price : 179.00 EUR
Gender : Unisex
Typology : Rings
Material : Gold
Not available
Spedizione Standard € 10.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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