Nanàn Bun Necklace (Code: NAN0003)

This Nanàn Bun necklace cradles a small xylophone within a silver sphere, itself swaddled inside a bun. When the mum walks around, talking and soothing her child, the xylophone plays a sweet tune. The child will learn to recognize the tune while in the mum's belly and will find it soothing even when comforted in their mum's arms.

The Nanàn necklace is made of 925% silver with a long silver chain 100 cm long. The chain is decorated by a delicate silver bear, Nanàn baby jewelry signature.

Your Nanàn necklace, the perfect gift for expecting mothers, will be shipped to you in Nanàn's packaging complete with a quality warranty. This Nanàn bun necklace, unlike other pieces of Nanàn baby jewelry, cannot be customized with letters or names.

Product Reference Code: NAN0003

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Manufacturer: Nanàn
Old price: 159.00 EUR
Price : 143.90 EUR
Gender : Lady
Typology : Necklace
Material : Silver
Not available
Spedizione Standard € 10.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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