White Gold Boy Diamond Pendant (Code: Bimbo_03_Colo)

A winning combination of white gold and tasteful design makes for a small gift that shines like a waterfall of diamonds: that and much more is the White Gold Boy Diamond pendant by Colombi Diamonds for you, a fine example of the "My Lovely Baby Collection". The white gold boy diamond charm features small, brilliant gemstones set with masterful care to create the boy's trunks: the result is the kind of glow one would expect from the finest gold jewelry

The White Gold Boy diamond pendant is made of fine 18kt white gold and doesn't include a chain: this way, you can match the white gold boy diamond charm with a custom necklace or use it as part of a set to create a new jewel, like a necklace representing an entire family! The white gold boy diamond pendant is also a sweet gift for a new mom, celebrating the most precious treasure of all. And if the boy doesn't fit your needs, check out the other Colombi Diamonds pendants from the My Lovely Baby collection below!

The white gold boy diamond charm will be shipped directly to you complete with Colombi Diamonds' official manufacturer's warranty. The white gold boy diamond pendant, like all jewelry by Colombi Diamonds, are made exclusively with diamonds and gemstones that comply with the Kimberley Process' rules to curtail the trade of blood diamonds.

Manufacturer: Colombi Diamonds
Price : 420.00 EUR
Gender : Lady
Typology :
Material : White Gold and Diamonds
Not available
Spedizione Standard € 10.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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