Sealed Calderoni Diamond 0.09 ct H Color (Code: 52000078)

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Each and every Sealed Calderoni Diamond is carefully handpicked by Calderoni Jewelry store in Milan, a North Star of European jewelry since the 1840s and awarded with four Diamond International Awards, and vetted by experienced professionals who are part of the Damiani Group. A dazzling, heartfelt present and a prudent investment option both, every Sealed Calderoni Diamond is safeguarded against forgery and protected against damage by the CertiCard blister pack, renowned the world over, as well as the CryptoPoint System and the CERTIEYE codified seal. All of the above preserves the value of any Sealed Calderoni Diamond and indeed allows it to increase over time.

This Natural Sealed Calderoni Diamond Features:

Carat: 0.09 ct / 9 "points".

Color: G. 

Clarity: IF. This Calderoni Diamond has incredibly clarity and doesn't feature any internal inclusions visible at 10x magnification.

Certified by Calderoni Gemological Laboratories (Damiani Group).

Natural Sealed Calderoni Diamond Reference Code: 52000005.

P.S. The picture may differ slightly from this specific diamond.

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Manufacturer: Calderoni Diamonds Milan
Price : 205.00 EUR
Gender : Unisex
Typology : Precious Gemstone
Material : Investment Diamond
Not available
Spedizione Standard € 5.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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