Silver Signal Flag Letter D (Code: ARCADIA AG/D)

The Silver Signal Flag Letter D by Arcadia is a heartfelt present that makes you feel like you're curling your toes into the sand, seawater lapping at your ankles. Pick the silver signal flag letters matching your initials - or those of a loved one! - for a fresh, precious gift. 

The silver signal flag Letter D comes in two sizes , 17 x 12 mm and 12 x 08 mm, both made exclusively of 925% silver and hot-enameled with the matching silver signal flag letter. The reduced size makes the silver signal flag letters by Arcadia easy and comfortable to wear around your neck and wrist, alone or with more jewelry; Arcadia's silver signal flag letters allow you to always carry something of the people you cherish and love with you, wherever you may go.

To complete the maritime-themed look, we'd suggest to match your new Silver Signal Flag Letter D with an original lanyard collier, also by Arcadia. You can see it here! Just pick what color you like best - either Blue, Black, or Red! - on this very page.

Moreover, you won't find this kind of silver signal flag letters at a better price anywhere else! Just check and come back! Your new silver signal flag Letter D will still be waiting for you, at the best value for money there is!

Delivery time: Around 7 working days from the day of your order. Your new Silver Signal Flag Letter D may not be immediately physically available at our shop. This time accounts for having to order the Silver Signal Flag Letters you chose back to the manufacturer. 

Product Reference Code: ARCADIA AG/D

Manufacturer: Arcadia Signal Flag Jewelry
Lanyard Collier:
Medal Size:
Old price: 45.00 EUR
Price : 30.00 EUR
Gender : Unisex
Typology :
Material : Silver
Spedizione Standard € 5.00 GRATIS per ordini superiori a € 99.00
Garanzia 2 anni
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